Why kids love our workshops?

We take a hands on, mess is all right approach to our workshops. In a relaxed way children are encouraged to try new ideas, to create their artworks, as they are inspired. Children develop confidence in a fun space without technical expectations and develop habits that build resilience, concentration and problem solving skills.


We are all about fun!

We love it when a child tells you of their idea of launching into space with a rocket made of paper and rubberbands! Our studio has enough space to cater many kinds of imaginative play and convert it into an artwork. We have active time for those that need to move and a chill out zone for when they require a break.

Creativity vs Technique

Our activities are not about technique and completed masterpieces. There is no right or wrong artwork as we believe that true creativity is discovered through trial and error. A great idea is often found by mistake and then explored. Technique, while important, can be frustrating to children as their fine motor skills emerge, these are skills that can be built over time.


We use exercises as a starting point for children to explore. Our activities alternate between medium focused exercises and playful juxtapostion – we allow the random, funny moments to inspire. At all times, children are free to explore, to blend different combinations of paint, collage and drawings as they engage in self-expression.

Next School Holiday Program

Express It - Art Workshops 

This is a fun creative arts program with a series of drawing, mixed media and painting exercises. We focus on a child’s view of the world to help them explore self expression and creativity.



Our activities seek to create opportunities for each child's unique viewpoint. To give them time, space and inspiration to make their own artworks in a fun, social environment.

Stars in a Jar Workshops

It’s time to get decorating! Let your mini chef go wild as they decorate not only cookies but jars as well. With two jars to paint and lots of star shaped cookies, with colourful icing, to put inside.



This is a fabulous way for kids to have creative fun designing their own cookies and jars, with sweet treat to take home at the end. Great for tweens and teens who enjoy making food into spectacular creations!


Construct It Workshops

We provide a bunch of cardboard boxes, tubes and space to create, they bring their imagination. This is a open workshop which lets kids decide on the creations and we help with the constuction.


Cardboard creations

Kids can join together to make large, group constructions such as cities, castles etc. Or they can construct individual creations as they are inspired.


This workshop has each child creating unique Stop Animation video of their own. They each get to devise a script, characters, create some scenery and shoot their video. This can get very addictive as kids often get inspired to make lots of videos.



Kids need to bring a smart phone, ipod or tablet with the Stop Motion Studio app loaded onto it. Then we will help them make simple, fun animations via the device on the app, which you can later download at home!



Free Do-It-At-Home Activities

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Dietary needs:

*If you're child has dietary restrictions please provide suitable snacks. Please don’t pack any nut products.

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How to find us  

We're situated on the junction of Evans and Beattie Streets just opposite the Orange Peel café (mmm chocolate cup cakes)! The building is sort of terracotta coloured. Our door is black with the word "BAUM" running vertically in white lettering.


Workhops have been created by Higgeldy Piggeldy owner Jemma Cummings to offer an fun friendly environment for kids to explore art and creativity.

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