Creativity the kids way

    16 Nov 2016   |      Jemma Cummings
Creativity the kids way


We adults have a serious, organised view of the world but kids just see each day as an opportunity for play. Kids seek out experiences with fresh eyes and when inspired will let themselves be lost in that moment.

Following the fun!

It follows then that creativity is also viewed differently by a child. To be creative is an extension of their exploration of the world. When you can engage their sense of play and combine it with a creative experience then boom, you get creative play!

In my experience kids are more relaxed when they are immersed in that moment of play. They are open to challenging themselves, to different experiences and perspectives. Even older or cautious kids will lose themselves in a moment of play and will be more patient with themselves as they explore new things.

Using fun activities, we connect the play and the creative moments. When the laughter is flowing you know you are opening a child's mind.

When kids are engaged in creative play they are engaging multiple aspect of learning development and problem solving, they are using skills and materials in new or unusual ways.


Play is our brain’s favorite way of learning. - Diane Ackerman, Author


Creativity and Expression

Creative play goes hand in hand with a child's self expression. When creating each child must decide the aspects of their creation. Whether it be adding colour to a drawing or cutting shapes for gluing. They look, decide and act!

And then do it again and again!

In the midst of creative play, kids learn what they like, build on emerging skills and make new skills as they go. When kids feels free to express themselves, they are giving power to their thoughts and feelings. They are sharing parts of themselves and learning how that feels.

Bringing it back to fun

By making these experiences fun kids learn it's ok to experiment, to challenge themselves and to let go into the act of creative play. 


The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct. - Carl Jung

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Jemma Cummings
Working as a Graphic Designer and business owner, I have had opportunity to work in large and small organisations. I have learnt the benefit of trusting in my creativity and bringing that creativity to all my clients. As a parent, I am passionate about kids creativity, in whichever form it takes. My workshops are about kids growing into their creativity in a playful environment.


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