Going with the flow!

    8 Sep 2016   |      Jemma Cummings
Going with the flow!


This motto is a way to engage your creative thinking – and this is why.


When I first went to art school to learn the craft of graphic design this phrase – going with the flow – was something a fellow student and I used a lot. It was our way of switching on our creative instincts to work on the next assignment.

We all have good days, bad days and just plain blah days. But when your job is to be creative you have to be able to find those creative instincts, everyday.

In my first year at art school, it was particularly apparent that waiting for a good day wasn't an option. My friend and I began to notice the moments when the creative instincts would kick in, the way it felt and the results we would get. We began categorising our moods and feelings in a pseudo scientific way, and called it – going with the flow!

The funny thing is, I was watching the other night a rerun of the ABC TV show Redesign My Brain: Make Me Creative and they explained how the creative process in the brain works.

Briefly, there is an Critical Thinking process - where the brain organises ideas and then decides the next action ... and there is a Creative Thinking process - where the brain fires simultaneously to access random ideas and concepts and this is where creative ideas come from – going with the flow!

The show went on to show how regular practice of simple yet creative exercises help the brain to connect to the Creative Thinking process. And I was excited to see that one of the exercises is similar to my Mr Squiggle activity, I promise I hadn't see this episode till just a month ago. Great minds think alike!


The capacity to be creative is universal, though those who have positive views of their ability to be creative tend to be more so. - James C Kaufman


Back to me at art school, the way we were taught to switch on our creative instincts was by trial and error. In the beginning, each day, there were small assignments, some were similar and some were completely different. They were challenging and clearly I was suited to them as I went on to be a Graphic Designer.

But what I truly learnt was to try, challenge and trust my creative instincts.

And to enjoy that feeling - my friend and I called – going with the flow!

This approach is fundamental to my workshops. There is no right or wrong way for kids to do art, just the space to try something to see if they like and enjoy what they tried.



James C Kaufman, professor of educational psychology and an internationally recognized expert on creativity, was quoted from today.uconn.edu

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Jemma Cummings
Working as a Graphic Designer and business owner, I have had opportunity to work in large and small organisations. I have learnt the benefit of trusting in my creativity and bringing that creativity to all my clients. As a parent, I am passionate about kids creativity, in whichever form it takes. My workshops are about kids growing into their creativity in a playful environment.


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