What is creativity? And why we need it!

    8 Jun 2016   |      Jemma Cummings
What is creativity? And why we need it!

So what is creativity

Creativity is when you turn new ideas into reality. It can be simple ideas that make useful inventions or solutions. Or ideas that require years of expertise, study and collaboration. Whichever form it takes, creativity is the spark or catalyst that begins the process but it is often hard to pin down.  

There are many myths about creativity: 

    You need to be born with it
    It falls into your lap
    Your brain is wired differently
    You've got to be a little mad

In reality, creativity is a behaviour or skill that can be learned. It is not just a function of your mind but an approach to thinking that questions, interprets and experiments until the idea is formulated and a result created.

Why do we need it?

In the grown up world, it is often thought of being limited to the ‘arts’. We have become accustomed to seeing creativity used in our technological devises. But what you might not realise is that it is an essential part of our societies advances in many areas such as science, economics or manufacturing, to name just a few. Many jobs require a mixture of experience, knowledge AND creativity. Creativity to come up with new connections and processes, creativity to communicate ideas better, creativity to try new technologies and products.

In a child’s world, it’s useful in helping them connect to new ideas and concepts, being able to explore different solutions and the confidence to discover things for themselves.

Creativity is the means by which we improve our lives.


Creativity is related to many of the things we care about, like success and happiness - James C Kaufman

Kaufman, professor of educational psychology and an internationally recognized expert on creativity was quoted from today.uconn.edu

Jemma Cummings
Working as a Graphic Designer and business owner, I have had opportunity to work in large and small organisations. I have learnt the benefit of trusting in my creativity and bringing that creativity to all my clients. As a parent, I am passionate about kids creativity, in whichever form it takes. My workshops are about kids growing into their creativity in a playful environment.


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