Sweetie darling, that's so last year

Sweetie darling, that's so last year
   22 Jan 2018   |     Paul Higgins

Ensure your website content is delivering a positive customer experience with our simple 7 Step Review.

From the viewpoint of either a prospective or an existing customer, outdated content and information errors can erode confidence in both your website AND in your business.

Adding fresh content to your website is the easiest way to entice the Google spiders to come back and come back often. Furthermore, Google awards higher search rankings to businesses that update their website regularly with quality customer-centric content.

If this important marketing asset – your website – isn't updated periodically, it will lose relevancy to Google and lose interest from your prospects and customers, making it quite worthless.

The good news is that very often there's no need for a complete overhaul and for the DIY'er, checking and updating a few key areas of information over a period of a few weeks will get you started.


So here's our SEVEN content items for review.

  • Contact information
  • Team bios
  • Client list
  • Case studies
  • Blog articles
  • Events or offers
  • Copyright date

1. Contact information

Let's start with the basics. If, in the past six to 12 months, you moved premises or made other significant changes to contact details, I'm sure that the relevant website information was updated. But, just to kick things off, go back and check that no spelling errors or typos were introduced during that hectic period when you were surrounded by packing boxes!

2. Team bios

The members of the team change. So too, does an individual's bio, as newly acquired skills or expertise are added. Be sure that any website updates flow through to your Linkedin profile and honestly ask yourself, just how old is that photo of yours?

3. Client list

Does your list of clients accurately reflect the clients you have acquired or lost in the past six to twelve months? Same goes for a suppliers list if you have one.

4. Case studies

Are you showcasing your latest and greatest completed projects, complete with glowing customer testimonials or reviews?

5. Blog articles

What was the date of your last post? Hmmm! If it was more than three to six months ago then you should consider writing something valuable and relevant for your audience. A word of advice; a company update is not considered valuable content for your customers.

6. Events or offers

If, still being displayed, remove all past events and expired offers. How are you going to build trust and credibility with your target audience when your "Coming Soon" section leads with an event from last month!

7. Copyright date

It's the little things. But in combination with other out of date items from this list, an old copyright date can give the impression that a business is no longer operating. Don't tell me that I'm the only one that checks this to determine the credibility of a business?

Going beyond the basics

This exercise should resolve some of your core content issues but here are some additional steps to consider.

Content updates

Have you compiled your list of core content updates but don't have the resources (time or staff) to complete? Handover your requirements to Higgeldy Piggeldy and have the updates completed in a matter of days instead of weeks.

Content audit

Are you providing information that solves your customers' problems? Higgeldy Piggeldy can conduct a thorough audit to identify the content gaps where potential customers could be lost.

Keyword research

Identify the content opportunites for you to improve rankings and organic traffic. Use keyword reseach to uncover what your potential customers are either searching for or what questions they want answered online.

Content creation

Once the strengths and weaknesses in the website content have been identified, it's time for the content creation. Not all copy or photos are created equal and professional copywriting, videography and photography are just some of Higgeldy Piggeldy's services.


Higgeldy Piggeldy can add a snippet of code that will update the copyright EVERY year.

Next steps

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