Reaching customers with Social Media

    24 Mar 2016   |      Jemma Cummings
Reaching customers with Social Media

Admit it you spend a lot of time each day on Social Media!

Well, so do your customers. Statistics show that the rate of use for Facebook, alone, has increased from 100m/mth at the beginning of 2008 to 1,519m/mth by the end of 2015.* And when you add Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram into the discussion there is little denying that clout of Social Media.

Online advertising has steadily replaced the traditional advertising channels for small to medium businesses and Social Media channels have become a viable means of reaching potential customers. Which is why business has taken to utilising Social Media as a advertising channel with increasing rate of success.

What are the ways to guarrantee your business success in the Social Media channel?

Whether your a bricks and mortar or online business you need to have a clear personality and presence in the Social Media space. Your customers have to be confident on who you are and that you have what they want.

Be genuine

Come on you love your products and your business so share that excitement with your customers. Consumers are increasingly value conscious and will respond to your commitment. Being present on Social Media channels gives consumers a reassurance that you are a genuine business and not a dodgy enterprise.

Get a little personal

Being available on Social Media and ready to relate to your consumers needs, is another great way to create trust and great reputation in the marketplace.

Competitive edge

Consumers have access to products from multiple sources but will make decisions that make them comfortable. Get out in front of your competition by establishing a great Social Media presence to win those customers.

The word of mouth effect

People love to express their opinion and Social Media is there to help them do it. A satisfied customer can recommend your business to 100s of people through a click of a button. And that's without it going viral!

What you see is what you get

There is nowhere to hide in the Social Media space. You can use this to your advantage, it provides a transparent relationship with your customers and builds credentials with new customers.

Access, visibility and exposure

What more can we say, Social Media is a great opportunity for you to be exposed to new customers base and increase your SEO visibility on the web. And a way to make your business popular and establish your reputation.

So have we convinced to take another look?

Next time you get ready to post on Social Media take the time to think about your current business objectives and the customer you want to meet... then make something that will speak from you to them. Good luck.

Source: * Statista

Jemma Cummings
Working as a Graphic Designer and business owner, I have had opportunity to work in large and small organisations. I have learnt the benefit of trusting in my creativity and bringing that creativity to all my clients. As a parent, I am passionate about kids creativity, in whichever form it takes. My workshops are about kids growing into their creativity in a playful environment.


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