Surviving Mobilegeddon

    24 Apr 2015   |      Paul Higgins
Surviving Mobilegeddon

Well if you haven’t read reports of Google’s latest algorithm update over the past few months then I guess you’ve been living in a very, very remote part of the globe!

Google is now using a “Mobile-friendly” label on smartphones to highlight sites delivering a great user experience for mobile phone visitors.

Here are the key points you need to know

  • although mobile-friendliness is just one of many factors Google uses to rank sites, it is anticipated that such sites will rank higher in searches from smartphones
  • almost half of all Google searches are now conducted on mobile devices
  • the update commenced on 21 April 2015 and will be rolled out over a few weeks
  • mobile-friendliness will be determined from page to page (url level) and not site-wide

One week after the update

It’s early days and so far the majority of SEO metric companies tracking the update are reporting no significant changes in Google mobile search rankings. We’ve also conducted a couple of rudimentary tests locally and have seen non-mobile-friendly sites beating their mobile-friendly counterparts to the top of organic search queries. However, searchmetrics are tracking some noticeable ‘winners and losers” in the US.

The take-aways

I will be surprised if the impact of this update isn’t more widespread in the coming weeks. Whether it results in online carnage is yet to be seen. However, it won't change the fact that mobile will continue to be an important consideration for all online businesses. The good news is that Google is ranking pages not sites. Therefore, businesses that have yet to implement a mobile strategy could take their first steps by identifying one or more of their most popular pages to be redeveloped as mobile-friendly.

Need help with your mobile strategy?

Google recognises three different approaches (configurations) for building mobile-friendly sites. Of the three approaches, Responsive Design is Google’s recommended mobile solution. Over the past couple of years, Higgeldy Piggeldy have built all new web projects on a responsive framework. We’ve been getting our hands dirty with responsive web and responsive email design for some time now and are well-equipped to create mobile-friendly solutions. 

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