Fundraising success in seven steps

    25 Jun 2018   |      Paul Higgins
Fundraising success in seven steps


1. Research

Talk with supporters directly to understand precisely which of your messages resonate with them

2. Storytelling

To connect people to your story it must make the reader feel something. Answer the following questions:

  • Who is our hero or protagonist?
  • What are their challenges?
  • What do they want to change and what is their goal?

3. Clear and compelling call to action

Spark giving by creating a sense of urgency, such as setting a short deadline and ensure that the call to action is clear, quick, and simple for readers to complete.

4. Explain the positive impact

Don’t just focus on need; focus on explaining the impact a donation will make. Offer tangible, specific information about where people’s money is going and how donations will be put to use.

5. Acknowledge supporters

Always express sincere appreciation for the support your organisation receives. Say thank you to donors, volunteers and other supporters.

6. Advocacy

Once supporters feel connected to your organisation, encourage them to promote your mission to their networks of friends, family and business connections.

7. Proof

Add credibility to your cause by including testimonials from donors and recipients that show the impact of their gift.


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