Smart website health check

Uncover the hidden issues hurting your business online

Unsure what areas of your marketing are working and what needs attention? Need better information than your average website audit? Don't want pages and pages of technical data that require hours of study, just to translate and understand.

Receive a report with valuable insights for your Australian business.

The Smart Website Health Check goes beyond the average audit. Other audits tend to focus on the technical aspects of website development. They scan the codebase to uncover errors, indicators of poor performance and areas for optimisations. We take a broader approach to determine the health of your business.

Ideal for business owners

The report will inform decision making for business owners and not web developers.

What's covered?

Our unique assessment covers the following SIX key categories:

  • Identity (Logo)
  • Branding
  • Design
  • Technical
  • Content
  • Marketing


The Smart Website health check has helped customers to kick-start or re-shape their brand, website or marketing projects.

Our approach is neither fully automated nor reliant on software. It involves real humans with expertise in each category to review and provide valuable feedback.

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